A clear view of the eternal yellow-brown sunset in the distant sky could be viewed from the tenth floor of the seemingly tallest building in the area. There was a breezy gracious balcony, broader than usual attached to the floor. Everything was so serene that day.

Just then, an unbelievably gorgeous woman walked into the balcony with a cup of coffee. She was in her top and pajamas, and she went to lean over her balcony. As she was admiring the sunset, suddenly her phone rang. She reached into her pocket to grab the phone. It was from an unknown number. As she pressed the accept button, there was a manly voice from the other end.

Man: Hii.. it’s me, Sanjeev. I just called to know how you’re doing lately.

The woman halted for a second, and after a heavy breath, she replied.

Woman: Are you drunk??

Man: No! No! I am sober, just took one shot. I needed courage badly.

The woman then placed the coffee cup on the tiny table right next to her, and with a slight disappointment, she spoke…

Woman: Why are you doing this?

Man: Why do you want to leave me all alone?

Woman: We have talked about this before. I don’t want to recall those stuff again, please.

Man: But will you be happy in life without me?

This question came to her like an arrow and hit her at the point she was trying hard to cover. Trying to regain control over herself, she softly spoke.

Woman: No, I wasn’t. I wasn’t happy when you left me all alone for all these years. I wasn’t happy when you were not there for me when I needed you the most. You changed. You are not the Sanjeev I knew before our marriage. I know you cared for me and our future but the fact that you compromised me over your career, your money, shattered me. If we continue this relationship, it will be even more painful later. So, please.

Pin drop silence prevailed for a moment. The woman’s eyes then had a hint of tear in them. At some point, it felt like there was a connection flaw between her words and her soul. After a moment, the man gently spoke out.

Man: I know, I became mean and a piece of shit. I became a robot running after money. You know my common sense tells me that it’s better splitting. It tells me that it’s better going away from you, that without money there’s no life but that same common sense is non-sense when your smile pops in my head when the sweet memories we lived together pops in my head.

I know apologies are meaningless when one repeats the same mistake again and again. Second chances mean nothing after hurting someone again and again and that second chances are hard to give, but I need a second chance. Please let me love you once again.

As soon as she heard these words, tears rolled out her cheeks. She couldn’t hold them any longer, and it looked like she felt a sense of relaxation from a burden she was carrying all this time. Now she softly spoke up.

Woman: If you come any closer to me this time, I won’t let you stay away from me again.

After this, there was silence except for the chirping of the birds flying back home. Sometimes silence speaks more than words.

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In a world of darkness look up at the stars✨💫

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Gunjan phukan

Gunjan phukan

In a world of darkness look up at the stars✨💫

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